"The Mysteries of Takht-e Soleyman" tries to uncover the story of the ancient area of Takht-e Soleyman (Solomon Throne), Zendane Div (Solomon's Prison) mountain and the ancient structures built around the lake centuries before, along with exploring the untouched depth of the lake. The documentary will also shed some light on the animal and plant life of the area, as well as its geological features. The research team is composed of some of highly distinguished professors and researchers from University of Tehran and Sharif University of Technology. The film crew used the state-of-the-art equipment and modern technology to explore the Takht-e Soleyman lake and its long-inherited legends and myths.


Armin Isarian ( Producer , Director & Writer )

Armin Isarian - Born: 1970 - Tehran - Iran.
- Member of Iranian Short Film Society (Khaneh Cinema)
- Armin Isarian is an Iranian director, producer, and screenwriter. He studied filmmaking at the University of Science and Culture and then spent four years studying Western Philosophy at Islamic Azad University. During the time he has been making films, he has also taught filmmaking – screenwriting in several universities and institutes such as Iranian Youth Cinema Society (since 2005), University of Applied Science and Technology (2012-2013), and Maktab Tehran School of Art (2013-2015).
- Here you can check out a list of some of his films and awards.
Short Films: Dinner Time (2008), Dreams in the Depths (2013), Redemption (1998), Lost (2000), Spring Shower (2009), ...
Documentaries: Iran-Tehran (2010), Isfahan, Half of the World (2011), Iran, the Land of Mysteries – Shiraz (2012), Bam’s Requiem with Mozart (2003), Mahshahr Petrochemical (2004 - 2007), The Largest Carpet in the World (2007), Shourehgaz Road (2007), National Library (2007), ...
TV Series: Kitchen, 100 episodes (2010 - 2011), Someone Like Us, 13 episodes (2011), ...
Commercial Teasers: ( since 2001) Over one hundreds
Writer: Kajal (feature film,2014), ...
Actor: Jungle (feature film, 2011), Raw Cooked Burnt (short film, 2010), Private Room (theatre, 2001), The Long Walk (short film, 2010), ...

International Awards :
- Best Film Award for "ِDinner Time" from Morocco Film Festival
- Best Film Award for “Dreams in the Depths” from Shanghai International Film Festival
- Best Screenplay Award for “Dreams in the Depths” from Shanghai International Film Festival
- Best Film Award for “Dreams in the Depths” from Tree of Life Festival
- Best Film Award for “Dreams in the Depths” from Critics of Toronto Reel Asian International   Film Festival
- Best Film Award for “Dreams in the Depths” from audience of Washington, D.C.
- Silver Award for “Dreams in the Depths” from IFVA (Incubator for Film & Visual Media in Asia)
- Selected Film for “Dreams in the Depths” from Isle of Wight Festival.
- Selected Film for “Dreams in the Depths” from Big Sur International Short Film Screening Series.
- Selected Film for “Dreams in the Depths” from Tampere Film Festival.
National Awards :
- Honor Award for "ِDinner Time " from Tasnim Festival.
- Second Prize for “Dinner Time” from Akharin Monji Festival.

Ashkan Ashkani ( Cinematographer )

Ashkan Ashkani - Born: 1979 - Tehran - Iran.
- Member of Iranian Short Film Society (Khaneh Cinema)
- Director of photography in 8 feature films, 40 documentaries and 60 short
- Member of Iranian Short Film Academy
- Graduated in filmmaking from Iranian Youth Cinema Society (1998)
- Jury member in Iranian Cinema Celebration (2010-2014)
Feature Films : Lantouri (Reza Dormishian)2015, Shown in 2016 Berlin International Film Festival, Borderless (Amirhossein Asgari)2014, Apricot Gardens (Pouria Heidari)2015, The Memories of the Black Horses (Shahram Alidi)2015, Atom Heart Mother (Ali Ahmadzadeh)2014, Don't be tired (M. Gharaei, A Hashemi)2012, It's a Dream (Mahmoud Ghaffari)2010, Executing Soldiers (Parviz Sheikhtadi)2009, Valderrama (Abbas Amini), Lord (Mohammad Rasolof).
Documentaries : It's Always Late for Freedom (Mehrdad Oskouei)2007, The Last Days of Winter (Mehrdad Oskouei)2011, Master’s Homework (Abtin Bektash)2011, Infinity Explanation (Abtin Bektash)2011, Ansor (Abtin Bektash)2011, ...
Awards :
- Best Artistic Achievement for Executing Soldiers - Fajr Film Festival (2010)
- Best Cinematography Award - Party Under Water – Portugal FIKE Film Festival (2010)
- Best Cinematography Award – Ban Larzan – Tehran International Short Film Festival (2009)
- Honor Award for Short Films – Khaneh Cinema (2008)
- Honor award for works – Sixth Varesh Film Festival
- Honor Award for Best Cinematography - Party Under Water – Tehran International Short Film
- Honor Award for Best Cinematography - I Wished Someone Waited for Me Somewhere – Iranian
  Cinema Celebration(2011), ...

Christophe Rezai ( Music Composer)

Christophe Rezai - Born: 1966 - Toulouse - France.
- Christophe Rezai, is an award-winning composer living in Tehran since 1994. He has studied music (piano, vocal and theory) along with engineering and marketing. Since 1977 he has made around 150 pieces for Iranian television advertisements, with the cooperation of Reza Asgharzadeh, his assistant since 1995. He has made soundtracks for films, short films as well as art documentaries. He initiated a traditional Iranian music band (Aria Music) in 1996. He has also been involved in Baroque music concerts in Tehran and India. He further established the Nour ensemble, whose repertoire focuses on medieval, baroque, Kurdish and Persian vocal music. The Noure ensemble has been featured in a documentary produced by the television network Arte in 2002 and has performed in concerts in France, Iran, Belgium, the Netherlands, South Korea and Austria. In the summer of 2004, Nour appeared in a second musical documentary, this time filmed at the Palace of Ardashir in Firouzabad. The arrangements of Journey (2001, Hermes Records) is also among his musical activities.
In 2003, Rezai won the first prize of the Avignon Film Festival for the best Film Music. Since then, he has concentrated on writing music for films and on developing the Nour ensemble.[1]
Albums : Journey, Alba, Clouds, Qeshm Island, Canaan, What's the Time in Your World? .
Film Scores : A Dragon Arrives! (2016), What's the Time in Your World? (2015), Closer (2015), Romantic Nostalgia (2014), Fish & Cat (2013), Orange Suit (2012), Good to Be Back (2012), Saadat Abad (2011), Fortieth (2010), Our Summer in Tehran (Documentary) (2009), Underwater (2009), Canaan (2008), Duet (Short film) (2006), The Gaze (2006), Havana File (2006), Abadan (2004), Diverse Suns (2003).

Mohammad Shahverdi (Executive Producer)

Mohammad Shahverdi - Born: 1971 – Damavand - Iran
- Graduated in filmmaking
- A member of Iran Documenary Filmmakers Association (Khaneh Cinema)
- Publisher, executive manager and advertising manager of Haft monthly (2003-2007)
- Head of Nama Be Nama Advertising Agency (since 2000)
Advertising Activities:
- Designer and Producer of over 200 commercial and industrial teasers
- Advertising consultants of over 20 production companies
- Designer of advertising campaign
Cinema Activities :
- Stage Manager in the Circle (Jafar Panahi, 2000)
- Assistant Director in End Of The Game (Homayoun Assadian, 2001)
- In Sleep Of The Earth (Mohammad Reza Ahanj, 2008)
Short Films :
- Writer and Director of Traffic Means Coming And Going (2000, IYCS)
- Writer and Director of Return (1999)
Documentaries :
- Across The Fire, A Little Closer (2007)
- Robot; From Idea To Film (2008)
Awards :
Traffic Means Coming And Going script: The Best Short Animation script in Urban Film Festival (2001).

Babek Sobhi ( Set & Costume Designer )

Babek Sobhi - Born: 1966 - Tehran - Iran.
- Babek Sobhi began professional studio work (1985).
Short Films: Yanki (ECHO) (1993), Istanbul Istanbul (1994), MEDIA (1996), VE GÜNEŞİN KALBI KABARDI (AND THE SUN’S HEART SWELLED) for ÇEKÜL (Foundation for the Promotion and Protection of the Environment and Cultural Heritage)(1994), And love was a prayer (persian short film) (2000), Saye (2001).
- He took part in an international workshop in Datça organized by FIMA, the Austrian Ministry of Culture and Eskişehir’s Anadolu University. During the workshop, he made his film project POEM. He began teaching in the sculpture and ceramics department of private college Akademi İstanbul, a project he continued until 1999 (1995).
- He translated a selection of work by Iranian poet Ahmed Shamlu into Turkish. The product, OVA BÜSBÜTÜN SİS (THE PLAIN IS A SHROUD OF MIST), was published by Turkish publishing house İyi Şeyler(1998).
Awards: He made the short film JOURNEY about the life and work of Italian architect Raimondo D’Aranco in Istanbul. The film won the Marmara University Communications Award and went on to screen at the Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival(1995). JOURNEY was selected for screening at the Kodak sponsored Media Wave International Film Festival in Hungary.
- Held his first solo exhibition at the Istanbul based gallery, Çizgi (1990).
- He exhibited his work at the International Wood Sculpture Symposium organized by the Municipality of Değirmendere.
- His second short film ISTANBUL ISTANBUL screened at the 1st Interdisciplinary Arts Festival ‘Oh, Wonderful Istanbul’, an event organized by the Ministry of Culture at Istanbul’s Yıldız Palace, where he also exhibited a selection of sculptures and installations. He held an exhibition of new work at the Enka Rönesans Gallery.
- He continued making installations in various places. He took part in a project with a wood sculpture that expressed the sense of depersonalization in Etiler (1994).
- He took part in an exhibition at Istanbul’s Atatürk Culture Center organized by the Association for Contemporary Living (ÇYDD)(1995).
- He exhibited a selection of reliefs and sculptures in the grounds of advertising agency Cen Ajans Grey. He made four large outdoor sculptures, two of granite and two of marble, for the Oasis project in Bodrum (1997).
- He worked on restoring the façade of the Greek Consulate building on Beyoğlu’s main street, İstiklal Caddesi, repairing sculptures and reliefs. He returned to Akademi İstanbul to head the ceramics and sculpture department (2002).
- He set up a sculpture and mask studio at the Ekol Drama and Arts College (2003). He created SUNFLOWER, a 6mx3m sculpture of pink marble, in Diyarbakır.
- He produced a giant SUNDIAL in Dağkapı Square, Diyarbakır, comprising a 20m2 ellipse of different stones. The Sundial works with the human shadow (2005).
- He completed a ceramic relief of the GILGAMESH EPIC, 14 months in the making, in Diyarbakır. The relief is circled by a ceramic relief of cuneiform script.
- He began work in Diyarbakır on the interior surface of a ceramic relief illustrating the GILGAMESH EPIC. The circular relief measures some 225m in circumference (2006). He completed the 230m exterior surface of the GILGAMESH relief, a ceramic work in Sumerian cuneiform script addressing the theme of social justice and freedom.
- He added to his Diyarbakır portfolio with THE TIGRIS and EUPHRATES, a 6.5mx2m beige marble sculpture of two intertwined doves symbolizing Mesopotamia. He added to his work in Diyarbakır with THE TIGRIS and EUPHRATES, a 6.5mx2m beige marble sculpture of two intertwined doves symbolizing Mesopotamia (2007).
- He completed the mounting and assembly of the GILGAMESH and CUNEIFORM ceramic reliefs, a work that was two years in the making. Completed the mounting of the SUNFLOWER sculpture. Man and woman, the inner world of the individual, a sense of the past and the imaginary make up the principal themes of Babek Sobhi’s work (2008).

Reza Ansarin ( CGI and Visual-Effect Supervisor )

Reza Ansarin
Born: 1978 - Iran
Education: B.S. in Software engineering.
Over 18 years of professional experience in creating animation and working as a Visual-Effects Artist .
- The Young Researchers - Season 1&2 - (Animation Series) - Director
- Fajr Satellite (Animation) - Director
- Rasad (Animation) - Director
- Sepehr (Animation) - Director
- The Astronaut (Animation) - Director
- Liberation of Khorramshahr (Animation) - Director
- The Rallye (Samand and Megan) (Animated Short) - Director
- Heaven (Animation) - Director
- The Evening of Ashura- Director of Clip
- Fishbowl (Animated Short) - Director
- Housing Foundation of Islamic Revolution (Animated Teasers) - Director
- Nokhodi (Feature Film) – Visual Effect
Award:Winner of Best Visual Effect Award for "Nokhodi" from Hamedan International Festival for Young Adults
Creating animation teasers for: Industrial Management Institute, Fajr International Film Festival, Cinema Verite (IRAN Int'l Documentary Film Festival), Khaneh Cinema, Iranian Youth Cinema Society (IYCS), Hamedan International ّFilm Festival, Int'l Urban Film Festival, National Iranian Oil Refining & Distribution Company, Iranian Fuel Conservation Company, Iran Khodro (Vehicle manufacturer), MobinNet Telecom Co., Melli Bank, Tejarat Bank, ...

Neusha Sadr Reza Ahmadi

Neusha Sadr
( Co-Writer )

Gholam Reza Ahmadi
( Production Designer )

Arezou Mohamadipour Zohreh Zadbood

Arezou Mohamadipour
(Director of Int'l Relations)

Zohreh Zadbood
( IT-expert )

Timelapse Crew :
Pouyan Aghababaei Kamyar Lotfi Mohammad Mohamadpour

Pouyan Aghababaei

Kamyar Lotfi

Mohamad Mohamadpour

Sohrab Kazemi Hesam Movaffagh Arash Moharami

Sohrab Kazemi

Hesam Movaffagh

Arash Moharami

Research Team :
Soroush Modabberi, Ph.D.
( Assistant Professor, University of Tehran ( Geologist ) )
ِAlireza Naderi, Ph.D.
( Entomologist and Researcher )
Naser Norouzzadeh Chegini, Ph.D.
( Archaeologist )
Alireza Shahmohammadpour, Ph.D.
( Archaeologist )
Majid Eskandari, Ph.D.
( Botanist)
Ebrahim Heidari, Ph.D.
(Archaeologist, former manager of The archaeological site of Takht-e Soleyman)


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